Thirst No. 2 and 3

Meaningful lines from

(Deepest Desires. Instant Remorse – No. 2 and The Eternal Dawn – No. 3)

by Christopher Pike

Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing Division

USA, January 2010 and October 2010

  • I began to understand… destiny itself. It can only be lived, it cannot be explained. It is like a mystery, which ceases to exist the moment you explain it. The same with a magic trick. When you are told how it works, it loses all its charm.
  • … there is a place for negativity – as much as there is a place for goodness – in the great scheme of things. There is no hero without a villain, no peak without a valley. But our path, the path of love, demands that we overcome negativity. But we do not overcome it by resisting it. That is an illusion. What you resist will persist.
  • … it takes a genius to recognize a genius.
  •  No secret remains secret forever. Even now, there are cracks in your veil.
  •  You can’t count on grace; it doesn’t follow a schedule.
  •  The best gifts are those we leave wrapped.
  •  … regrets was the most useless of all emotions.
  •  Krishna saying, “No one awakens in the morning thinking they will die that day. Not a saint or a sinner. Not even a condemned killer. We all know we’re mortal, and yet we all believe we’ll live forever.”

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