The Mythology Class










Special Collected Edition

A graphic novel by Arnold Arre

Adarna House, Inc. 2005

Metro Manila, Philippines


  • A man merely has to look up into the heavens to know how small and helpless he is compared to the one true “eternal.”
  • … Worry is as insignificant as dust is to rain.
  • If destiny is our greatest ally, then history is but a slave bowing, yielding to our every wish.
  • Sharing one’s thoughts with others heals the inner soul… the same is true if one is burdened by sorrow.
  • There are lots of things we don’t understand in this universe… and they were meant to be that way. Therefore, if we desire to understand the world… we must try to see things not in their natural order… We must surpass the usual way of thinking. Weak minds are often clouded and easily confused.
  • Never take things for granted. Never ignore what is obvious. Because, just when you least expect it, [things] always have a way of surprising you.
  • Remember what I said about bad dreams? If you wish hard for them to go away, they will.
  • It’s been a month since they left and the feeling of emptiness has taken over. One day, your life suddenly changes forever. Next day, everything’s the same again. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Now, all we have are memories left to us by our friends of love. At least, we can always dream. Maybe the only place we can be with them again…
  • But no matter how distant the stars are, or how vast time or space is, I’m certain that our thoughts will reach them… wherever they may be.
  • It is painful losing someone to the hands of eternity.
  • … how I wish I could turn just one pleasant moment into something that would last forever. I greatly wish it to be so. This growing sadness within me is overwhelming… for destiny does not seem to grant me peace of mind.

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