Land of the Living

by Nicci French
Penguin Books, England 2002


  • Fear is trying to avoid death. Giving yourself up to death is like falling asleep.
  • You think you can’t bear it anymore, but you can… There is always more in you than you think. Hidden depths.
  • Is there a period of time when you know, with the bit of you that is going mad, that you’re going mad? When do you give up and, with a ghastly relief, let yourself fall into the abyss?
  • … friendships are all about tact. You don’t want to know what friends say about you to other friends or to partners. You don’t want to know what they really think or how far their loyalty goes. You want to be very careful before you test it. You might not like what you find.
  • Anything’s possible but not everything’s a mystery.
  • Try not to dwell on what you don’t remember. Think of the things that you do.

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