Flying CP

I could no longer remember the exact date, time, and reason when I started booking and taking flights from Cebu Pacific (CP) aka Cebu Pathetic Air.  I am definitely aware of two things – their flights have never been on time and that their baggage handling meant the death of my trolley bag.

It was CP that caused the first crack near its handle.  It was also CP (just four days ago) that broke the entire handle.  Please see photos showing how the whole section went taking another flight off its body (I gave the whole handle to one of their attendants who suggested that I go to their office to get my trolley bag fixed – talk of silly and insensitive assistance!).

to CP

This is simply sharing how they sell their insurance policy.  If you do NOT sign for one, they play football or such rough handling to get even.  How else am I supposed to interpret what they did to my dear trolley bag now invalid?  Please take note that this write-up is the calmer version of my first extremely angry feedback.  I screamed all the bad words into the air to taunt and haunt their planes (though this is only effective in fiction where all wishes come true).

What lessons should I learn from this experience? Here is my list of points to ponder:

  1. Pack way, way lighter so there will be no need of checking in any baggage.  This will make things fair – deprive CP of their baggage fun and additional baggage fee.
  2. If unavoidable, do not buy any trolley bag.  CP seems to love breaking it.  A bigger backpack may actually be better.
  3. Avoid destroying too many neurons.  Be ahead of their boarding time for they have this tendency to fly minutes earlier only to go taxiing the runway for more than half an hour after landing (thus, the whole trip is still delayed).  Please remember that for most instances, actually in ALL instances if you take it from my experience, their flights are always delayed if not cancelled.  Be ready with lots of entertainment like
    • music,
    • movies,
    • games,
    • ebooks,
    • fun company – family, friends, colleagues, or bother fellow passengers if you are travelling alone,
    • checking all open shops at the airport,
    • taking a nap – only if you travel with company who could keep an eye on your belongings,
    • making use of all open restrooms,
    • bugging their clerks with annoying questions, and
    • being creative with wasted minutes instead of sulking in a corner

because CP’s favourite line is “we are sorry for the inconvenience” or “we apologize… blah, blah, blah” and of course, they never mean what they say.

Unless they change for the better, this airline will always live up to its real name – Cebu Pathetic Air.

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