The World’s Youngest Boxer

A WBO Champ Candidate

Published in our YouTube Channel on 8th of February 2018

Boxing must have grown to be the number one sports in the Philippines since the Filipinos’ national punch Manny Pacquiao held most of the world’s boxing titles for quite a long time.  His success has motivated not only beginning boxers, but also inspired parents to train their children to become like him in the near future.

Children always benefit more when they get trained really young.  Different brain research output have expounded on the significance of meaningfully scheduled repetition or reiteration of skills and concepts to build children’s memory and proficiency in applying them for practical or aesthetic reasons.  When their common sense gets shaped, they are already provided with a strong foundation and could easily achieve mastery even at a young age.  This is the rationale behind this short clip we are sharing here in ThruPages:

Part of this three-month old baby’s morning exercise is to throw punches and even some well-aimed kicks!  Is she not adorable in this presentation?!  For entertainment reasons, we provided the warning in the introduction.  We hope that you pardon us for any misinterpretation and/or inconvenience we might have caused you.  Our main intention is to make you smile and find more reasons to say that this life is still beautiful no matter how challenging some days can become.  We hope to have achieved this aim.

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P.S. Need relaxing music to lull your little one to sleep, please watch….

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