How to Pronounce “Papaya”

This video shows how we must have learned to pronounce the word PAPAYA.

Pronouncing words (even the simplest) as little children learn how to talk is a challenging and an entertaining journey.  Dr. Roberta Michnick Golinkoff (from Howard’s “How babies learn to talk” in 2004), a noted infant language researcher, even declared that “language learning begins in the womb.”  So, how should parents support this “little linguistic miracle” they have received?  Experts recommend that parents continue (if not, start) spending quality time with the little one.  Sharing a parent’s daily activities to a baby actually helps him/her “grasp the pattern and meaning of the language” spoken.  Dr. Golinkoff even stressed that imaginative and interactive conversations with the little one (like in this video) can even be more valuable and effective than those expensive toys and computer applications.

Published research data have pointed out that babies begin learning how to talk or understand basic words around nine to ten months.  Dr. Saffran (as quoted in the same article in 2004) emphasized that “babies know way more than they can say.”  In this video, the toddler (only 17 months old) successfully located the page showing a picture of the papaya fruit.  Then, she began her attempts to pronounce the written word.  She understands that it is the name of the fruit she is looking at; which is her receptive language skill.  Her expressive language skill though, the sounds she produced, is not as developed yet; has been the cause of her cuteness overload though (aside from her empathetic personality imitating her dad’s coughing laugh and laughing with her parents).

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