Rhythm in Music

A short music lesson by JellSoL You may wish to follow this video transcript: Let’s start with the main reason why every singer, choir member, and/or musician must know note values.  As emphasized in The Guardian in an article written by Marcus du Sautoy in 2011, he said “Certainly the grammar of music – rhythm…More

Voice Drill Guide

Please email me the name of any singer you know who does not do the octaves or voice drill before any performance.  Every smart and experienced singer knows its importance.  I even know of storytellers, presenters, and teachers who do the octaves before their speaking engagement.  One can browse the Internet for reasons experts share…More

Final Fantasy: Eyes on Me

Lyric video and piano cover by JellSoL I first heard the name Final Fantasy through my brothers. It was one of their favorites during their computer gaming years. Later, a Japanese student (who is now one of my best friends) shared the piano piece. She has been waiting for this video for several years! With thankfulness,…More