The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

by Stephenie Meyer

USA 2008

If you missed reading the book, here’s the plot synopsis I wrote in October 2009.

Book One – Bella

Chapter 01 – Engaged Bella drives the Mercedes Guardian Edward asked her to use before their wedding. She learns that it is fully armored with missile-proof glass. This brings her thoughts back to Edward who at times goes overboard to protect her. She recalls the night Edward asked blessing from her father, Charlie, to allow them to get married. She thinks about Edward in her bedroom as Alice helps her with the final fit of her wedding gown.

Chapter 02 – Long Night Edward visits Bella before his bachelor’s party. His brothers fetch him later.  Jasper tells Bella to relax. Bella remembers the story Dr. Carlisle (Edward’s father) once shared about immortal children who once caused havoc. In a dream, Bella sees the immortal child to have killed her parents.

Chapter 03 – Big Day Alice prepares Bella for the wedding. Bella’s parents come to give her a sapphire-studded comb, an heirloom from her grandma. Edward and Bella get wed.  Instead of the traditional, “’til death do us part,” the congregation hears “as long as we both shall live.”

Chapter 04 – Gesture Jacob comes as a gift for Bella’s wedding.  At first, Bella is emotional to see him back.  When he learns of the honeymoon, Edward needs to snatch Bella from him and the rest of the wolves have to drag him away. Bella and Edward go back to the dance.  Then moments later, they leave for their honeymoon.

Chapter 05 – Isle Esme Carlisle gives Edward an island for his honeymoon with Bella. After causing Bella bruises upon making love with her, Edward vows never to touch her again until she becomes a vampire.

Chapter 06 – Distractions Edward has Bella occupied with different tasks to make her forget about their love life. It works well for days until Bella wakes from a good dream and the couple learns how to channel themselves.

Chapter 07 – Unexpected The honeymoon swiftly ends when Bella discovers she is pregnant.


Book Two – Jacob

Chapter 08 – Waiting for the damn fight to start already Jacob meets with the rest of the werewolves.  He gets the command from Sam that they are not supposed to hurt the Cullens.

Chapter 09 – Sure as hell didn’t see that one coming Bella wins over the Cullens. Despite being very sick, she gains Rosalie to help her keep the child. Edward talks to Jacob to help him change Bella’s mind.

Chapter 10 – Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh right, because I’m an idiot. Jacob cannot even have Bella listen to him.  Bella is firm to let the child be born. Jacob gets bound to the pack to kill the Cullens.

Chapter 11 – The two things at the very top of my things-I-never-want-to-do list Jacob leaves the pack.  Seth follows him.  They warn the vampires of the upcoming threat.  Jacob sees Bella getting worse.

Chapter 12 – Some people just don’t grasp the concept of “unwelcome” Seth’s sister Leah joins Jacob.  Jacob goes back to the house to check on Bella.  His idea leads the vampires to let Bella drink blood to nurture the fetus that has been sucking in her life.

Chapter 13 – Good thing I’ve got a strong stomach Bella takes cups of blood.  Within seconds, the strategy works.  Jared (another wolf) comes to invite Jacob back to the pack.  Without a second thought, Jacob (Jake) says no.

Chapter 14 – You know things are bad when you feel guilty for being rude to vampires The vampires offer Jacob food, clothes, and even a place to sleep.  Jacob feels guilty for being a friend to them.

Chapter 15 – Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock The vampires and Jacob wait for Bella’s baby.  It has cracked two of her ribs already.

Chapter 16 – Too-much-information alert The baby starts talking to Edward. Bella wants to name it EJ (after Edward) if it’s a boy; and Renesmee (after Rene and Esme) if it’s a girl. Edward offers his car to Jacob when the latter has decided to leave.

Chapter 17 – What do I look like? The wizard of Oz? You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have. Jacob drives around town to ease the pain in his heart. He learns later that Leah talked to Bella for the latter to stop torturing him. Edward then asks Jacob that as the Alpha, he keeps their alliance.  Jacob agrees.

Chapter 18 – There are no words for this. Bella gives birth to Renesmee. Edward saves her. The baby makes Jacob realize how everything in his life connects.


Book Three – Bella

Chapter 19 – Burning Edward and his family wait for Bella’s complete transformation into a vampire.

Chapter 20 – New Bella wakes up. Her senses bring her to how her vampire family really looks like. She sees herself in the mirror for the first time.  She hardly believes her own beauty.

Chapter 21 – First Hunt Bella surprises Edward on the way she stopped in mid-hunt when she smelled humans near them.  She continues to hunt for an elk but finds a great wild cat. Bella sees Edward hunts without a single spot on him.

Chapter 22 – Promised Bella comes home and holds her daughter. Renesmee shows her the image of the human Bella left in her memory. Edward and Jacob give Bella a test to see her skills.  This causes Seth some injuries.

Chapter 23 – Memories Renesmee can show memories to her parents.  She gets measured for several times in a day because she grows so fast. The vampires greet Bella on her 19th birthday, September 13.

Chapter 24 – Surprise With Esme leading the family, a house is given to Bella as a gift. Bella and Edward enjoy their first time alone as vampires.

Chapter 25 – Favor Charlie comes to the Cullens to visit Bella. He meets Renesmee. He wants to ask questions but chooses to know nothing more to keep the secret Jacob has invented (that Bella has turned into a wolf like him; he phased into a wolf in front of Charlie) for his benefit.

Chapter 26 – Shiny Emmett and Bella go arm-wrestling. Bella learns that being a new born, she has all her strength, stronger than the strongest. While having fun in smashing boulders, Renesmee wakes up and laughs for the first time.  Jacob and Edward both appreciate Bella’s beauty under the rays of the sun.

Chapter 27 – Travel plans Bella prepares to meet the Volturi. Renesmee learns to talk and walk.  She begins hunting with Bella and Jacob. Irina, Tanya’s sister and Laurent’s sweetheart, comes for reconciliation but turns upset upon seeing Renesmee who she thought is an immortal child.

Chapter 28 – The Future Alice sees in the future that Irina has gone to the Volturi to share that the Cullens have reared an immortal child, a serious taboo in the vampire world. The family calls for the other covens to support them and to witness Renesmee’s growth. They hope that the Volturi will listen instead of killing the whole clan.

Chapter 29 – Defection Alice leaves the family to protect Jasper. The Cullens work to earn support from other vampires. Bella and Renesmee cry together for the first time.

Chapter 30 – Irresistible Renesmee helps Bella and Edward win their friends’ confidence by showing them how she has become half-human and half-vampire.

Chapter 31 – Talented Eleazar defines Bella’s talent as a shield. He calls the family a talented one: Edward as a mind-reader, Bella as a shield, and Renesmee, a hybrid, who is truly one of a kind. The family continues to prepare for the coming of the Volturi, the vampires’ royal clan.

Chapter 32 – Company Seventeen matured vampires join to witness the Cullens asking the Volturi to listen to their case even for some seconds before punishing the whole family. Some of them are willing to die with the Cullens.

Chapter 33 – Forgery Bella meets the man whose name Alice wrote on her book. She asks for papers that will cover Jacob and Renesmee if they survive the Volturi’s judgment.  The documents will cover their identities.

Chapter 34 – Declared One by one the vampires declare their willingness to fight with the Cullens. Bella realizes that the Volturi might use Renesmee to penetrate her shield. Edward looks on the positive side to erase Bella’s doubts.

Chapter 35 – Deadline Bella receives the documents. The whole family, their vampire friends, and the wolves prepare to face the Volturi.

Chapter 36 – Bloodlust Aro finally comes to meet the Cullens. They are surprised with the army the Cullens have met them with. Carlisle makes Aro listen. Aro asks for Edward; then, for Bella and Renesmee. Renesmee shows Aro a request not to hurt her family.

Chapter 37 – Contrivances Witnesses are asked and they state their willingness to let the child live. Some of Aro’s witnesses decide to leave. Bella hands Renesmee to Jacob to save the child.  The fight begins.

Chapter 38 – Power Bella reveals her power. She shields the whole family and their friends against the vicious attacks of Aro’s staff.  They couldn’t harm them. Alice comes back bringing an evidence to prove that Renesmee will never become a danger. Other half-human and half-vampires like Renesmee have lived for centuries in other parts of the world. Aro and his clan leave defeated.

Chapter 39 – The happily ever after Everyone leaves the page with a smile. The novel closes with Edward and Bella enjoying a wonderful moment all by themselves.

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