The Kindred Chronicles


by D. A. Chan (Xlibris, June 2015)

The wind is right… It is not I who choose my destiny or calling… The wind has always known.

No words were spoken; none was necessary.

What once was a love that rebelled against a greater force and a greater call, was now a restful and nourishing love, a love at peace in the midst of the coming war.

Fire could never burn the scent of death.

If we are to prevent war… we must find the resolve to make the dreadful choices.

Yes you are more skilled than I… But your heart is as black as your blades… There is no compassion, or mercy, or empathy in your dance.  All you are is an embodiment of pride that leads to hatred and spite.

Why suffer to let live those who will eventually become a cancer to progress?

Mice living with snakes will always live in fear.  Would you not show compassion to the prey by urging the snake to strike sooner?

For every sunset, there will always be a new dawn.

But I know what it is like to have your dreams denied, your hopes crushed in the unfeeling fist of ignorance, your love spurned by the very people you hope to serve.

For as long as you hold on to the past, you bar the future from entering the present.

You are the loud death for every joyous moment that has died within my soul.

Why must there always be more questions than answers?

Why must death always visit the innocent?

… you may have weathered the throes of war and marched through valleys of death, but nothing is as terrifying as giving your daughter away in marriage.

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